LINDSAY LOHAN and her breasts posed for celebrity photographer, TERRY RICHARDSON in a desperate bid to win the title role for ELIZABETH TAYLOR‘s Lifetime TV biopic.

lindsay lohan terry richardson shoot

LiLo did her best to channel the late, lamented Liz at her most sensual with a series of poses that photographer pal Richardson was only too happy to oblige…

lindsay lohan terry richardson shoot 2

And such was LiLo‘s zeal at showing Lifetime producers that she, not Megan Fox, is right one for the job, she even had herself photographed with “Furious Love,” a book detailing Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton‘s love affair upon which the TV special will be based.

lindsay lohan terry richardson shoot 3

While Lindsay‘s been getting more scripts than she’s had than in years when she’d been an utter hot mess, it appears she really, really wants to be Liz Taylor. How else would you explain this out-and-out campaign to win the role that she and Megan Fox are up for.

It was announced earlier that Lindsay was slated for the part, but Lifetime producers later decided it was going to be a toss-up between her and Megan Fox to get some press out of the whole production.

So who do you think will make a better Liz Taylor? Lindsay Lohan, who’ll have to shuttle back and forth from filming to L.A. where she has to show up for progress reports with her judge? Or naturally brunette Megan Fox, who’ll need some boob padding to achieve Taylor‘s considerable chest?

Photos Via Terry Richardson Diary

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