PARIS HILTON‘s star-studded 31st birthday bash in Vegas was revealed to be a masquerade ball inspired by the movie “Eyes Wide Shut.”

Typical Paris!


We never expect anything less from the hotel heiress who reportedly won $30K in blackjack at her party in Vegas—which wasn’t really her hitting it quite “big” considering her revenues and her luxurious hours-on-end albeit out-of-control partying history.

The latest star news has it that Paris has now posted photos on her website as proof of how lavish her birthday party was last February 16 where famous guests were handed masks upon arrival, resembling the party in the erotic thriller starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in 1999.

She tweets the next day:

“Last night was the best birthday party I have ever had in my entire life! The most beautiful amazing extravagant birthday party ever! #YES!”

Hilton and her remaining guests continued to party it up at the after party until around 7am in the morning.

Photos Via CamRaFace

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