English stand-up comedian RUSSELL BRAND suffered a migraine attack onstage in the middle of a performance at a show in L.A., star news learned.

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The comic, 36, who recently finalized his divorce from estranged pop star wife, Katy Perry, sparked fears about his health among the audience when he suddenly announced he was feeling awful in the middle of a spiel. Did the blinding headache he experienced have anything to do with the stress of his separation from Katy?

“I have a terrible pain. I need pain killers. Sorry about this.”

Brand, 36, told his shocked audience at the sold-out ComedySportz Theatre in Hollywood.

“I feel nauseous now. I feel sick.”

Still, despite the pounding in his head, he tried to make light of the situation, finding something to laugh about in the midst of his pain.

“I think I’m such a professional showman this is beyond ridiculous stopping to take medication.”

Apparently, Russell‘s health woes, which date back to his drug-addled past,  have come back in full force ever since he announced he was filing for divorce from his wife of 14 months, 27-year-old Katy.

And who wouldn’t feel awful, having to be forced to walk away from a $20 million divorce settlement because he’s a hard-headed son of a gun because he respects her too much?

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