Why is TIM TEBOW wearing jeans in the ad he models for Jockey, virtually obscuring the underwear he’s trying to sell? Was this part of his contract rider with Jockey International?

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We know he’s a devout Christian and all that, and he’s started a trend, that, like it or not, is spreading around (to the dismay of atheists all over America) faster than Kim Kardashian‘s pay-attention-to-me Twitter displays. But what’s the point of selling underwear if you aren’t going to show it at all?

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True, Tebow‘s bared his impressive chest in the middle of a field with horses cantering past (maybe a subliminal suggestion about what’s hiding beneath those dark wash jeans of his?). However, only a hint of his underwear band is showing…which, truth in advertising be told…we don’t get at all. Unless Jockey has decided to branch out into denim sales, as well?

On the other hand,

“Some things are better when left to the imagination,”

Mo Moorman, PR Director for Jockey International told the Huffington Post.

And also because Tebow refused to drop his pants for the Jockey campaign.

tim tebow jeans jockey ad 5

One thing’s for certain, Tim Tebow modeling the new Jockey Stay Cool underwear a’int no David Beckham flexing his hot chiseled bod for H&M. But hey…whatever does you for this Super Bowl. All sides of the spectrum seem to be covered for the big screen ads they’ll show this Sunday.

In the meantime, enjoy Tim Tebow

Photos Via Jockey International, Inc.

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