Celebrity news tells us that ADELE has decided to start a new training regime for weight loss.

But wait… didn’t she already say that she didn’t want to be skinny?

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Is this a belated reaction to Karl Lagerfeld calling her “fat”?

Despite her proud declaration that she didn’t care about her weight and “never wanted to look like models on the cover of magazines,” Adele has reportedly gone on a weight loss program to help her drop two dress sizes before bikini season.


But it’s not all about vanity, of course. Adele reportedly just wants to be fit and healthy, especially after her health scare last year when she had to undergo vocal cord surgery. The Sun reports:

“[Adele] has been working out with a personal trainer twice a week at home. [She] has also taken up Pilates after pal Alan Carr recommended it to her.”

An insider adds:

Adele has found so much more energy now she’s quit smoking. She really wants to get healthier, now that she’s halfway there.”

The source continues:

“She had always been curious about taking up Pilates but until recently there just hadn’t been any time.”

Do you support Adele’s decision to slim down and get fit?

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