In recent star news, “Easy A” star AMANDA BYNES reportedly fled from the cops after getting a traffic ticket… for talking on her cellphone while driving.

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Amanda Bynes is the latest celebrity to get busted for using her cellphone while driving. However, the gorgeous blonde, who “retired” from acting in 2010 and then immediately “unretired” after just one month, might be the first to actually give all of her information the officer who pulled her over… and then speed off before he can make her sign the ticket.

How bizarre.

TMZ reports:

Bynes was originally pulled over for talking on a cell phone while driving yesterday afternoon. The officer approached the car and collected all of Amanda‘s information so he could write up the citation. “

The site adds:

Amanda didn’t feel like waiting around … and hit the gas before the cop could hand over the ticket for the actress to sign.“

But maybe she was just in a hurry, because later that day, Bynes dropped by the police station to sign the traffic ticket she ran away from.

Unfortunately, she’s not entirely off the hook, because the authorities are reportedly considering bringing further charges against Amanda for running from the police… even if she did come back.

Should Amanda be charged for fleeing the scene (of the heinous cellphone crime), or should she be pardoned since she came back to sign the ticket anyway?

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