Star news reveals that “The Big Bang Theory” star KUNAL NAYYAR is now a married man!

Too late now, female Raj Kooothrappali fans!

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Kunal Nayyar, one of the four leading male stars of the 2011 Golden Globe-nominated comedy series “The Big Bang Theory,” has tied the knot with former “Miss India” Neha Kapur, last December in New Delhi, India. The 6 day and night long inspirational wedding and celebration included the couple exchanging flower garlands, Nayyar throwing a purified white lotus flower into a fire, women being adorned with henna while being fed (awesome!) and quite a bit of partying.

The BBT star shares about his new woman:

“She unlocked something in me that I had never felt before.”

The Mehndi portion of the ceremony, arranged by Neha‘s parents, was also explained:

“The men feed the women, because they have to wait for the henna to dry.”

Too bad Nayyar‘s “The Big Bang Theory” co-stars Melissa Rauch and Johnny Galecki couldn’t not make it to the wedding. It sounded like a lot of fun! Definitely more fun than the traditional half-day wedding!

Congratulations Nayyar!

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