BOBBI KRISTINA BROWN reportedly hates her name and wants to change it to KRISTINA HOUSTON.

And it’s all because she doesn’t want to be associated with her father, BOBBY BROWN.

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Bobbi Kristina, who was reportedly placed on suicide watch following her mother’s shocking death, has decided to change her name to just Kristina Houston, in an effort to remove any connection (at least by name) to her father, Bobby Brown.

Celebrity gossip websites have learned that Bobbi Kristina has wanted to change her name for years (ever since her parents broke up), and she would have done it sooner, but Whitney wouldn’t let her.

However, now that her mother’s gone, Bobbi Kristina reportedly feels free to go ahead with her original plan of changing her name to Kristina Houston.

TMZ reports:

Bobbi has made the decision with a sober mind and is in a “better place” than she’s been in a while.”

Do you think Bobbi Kristina is making the right decision?

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