CEE LO GREEN made Hollywood news when he performed his uncensored version of “F*ck You” and flipped his middle finger at an event for President BARACK OBAMA in Atlanta last Friday.


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Hip hop artist and “The Voice” judge Cee Lo Green performed at the gala event held for President Obama in Atlanta this weekend and chose to sing several of his songs—including his original version of “F*ck You” instead of its clean version titled “Forget You.” Not only that, he flipped the finger during the first chorus! What a way to serenade the President

To be fair though, he asked via his mic, “Can I cuss?” Not that it matters, because he said it before asking and continued to singing the derogatory lyrics anyway without waiting for an answer.

Maybe you should’ve asked before getting on stage, Cee Lo?

What do you think? Should they consider it disrespect or should they just let it slide?
Photo By PR Photos

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