JENNIFER LOPEZ showed her her tight abs, toned legs, and even a glimpse of sexy underboob in the March issue of V Magazine.

Not bad for a mom of two, huh?

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Days after denying and laughing off her Oscars nip slip controversy, Jennifer Lopez alleviated everyone’s disappointment by showcasing her underboobs in her latest sexy photo shoot.

The jockstrap-clad stunner graces the cover of V Magazine’s special Sports issue in skimpy boxer attire to celebrate the sport of women’s boxing, which will be making its debut at the Olympics this summer.

The concept of the boxing-themed photo shoot wasn’t too much of a stretch for J.Lo, as she has had prior training in boxing and the Israeli self-defense system, Krav Maga, for previous film roles. She tells V:

“”I’ve always felt like a tough girl from the Bronx, but I have a soft core… I can take a lot of punches and still keep going. I’ve been trained like a boxer to go 15 rounds.”

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Jennifer also talks about the rebirth of her career, which was thanks in large part to her judging gig on “American Idol,” and making mistakes:

“You’re not going to hit the target or the bull’s-eye every time. That’s part of it. At the end of the day, I made those choices. I’ve been in the business now, I don’t want to say how many years. You have amazing moments of recognition and success. But at this point in my life, I try to take it all with a grain of salt.”

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As for the state of her current relationship with ex Marc Anthony, Lopez shares:

“We’re parents and friends first. That will be the thread that ties us together. I don’t know if people expect it to be negative just because the relationship didn’t work out.”

Check out the rest of J.Lo‘s shots from her V Magazine photo shoot:

Photos Via V Magazine

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