THE JONAS BROTHERS are more grown up and apparently have a new outlook on the recording for their new album: just go with it!

Now how is that exactly?

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According to this week’s celebrity news, now solo artist and wannabe actor Joe Jonas joins the rest of his Jonas brothers as they reveal their rather new outlook on recording their new album and their plan to just write a lot of songs and pick the ones that they like best. It definitely sounds like a lot of work for the JoBros!

But Nick says:

“We have spoken about it, and the thing we’re doing which is different to any record we’ve made in the past is we’re saying, ‘Anything goes, let’s just vibe out, listen to a million songs, write a million songs and see what we’re feeling most.’ Our statement, as a band, for this record has to be really strong. We feel like we want to deliver the best record we can.”

Maybe this is one of what they realize should be their new preemptive measures for the new album, so it doesn’t fail becomes more successful than the last in 2009?

“We pay attention to it, definitely. That’s part of your job as an artist, too, is to be aware of what other people are doing. … We pay attention and have been paying attention just to see where we want to fall. But first we just want to write great songs, and as far as how it sounds, that’ll come second. We don’t know how long it’s going to take us to write this record. It may take a couple weeks, it may take months, it could take years, but we’re ready to go on that journey. It’s been a while and there has been a lot of growth as individuals and musically as well. We’ve all gone on our journeys musically. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of that.”

Seeing as Joe, Nick and Kevin have matured a lot, we can’t wait to listen to what they have in store for us!

Are you excited about their upcoming album?

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