KE$HA glued gold studs to her head… and it looks totally freaky!

We really hope that’s not permanent glue, Ke$ha.

kesha gold studs hairstyle

The “Tik Tok” singer shaved half her hair off last month, but the hairstyle—which was originally popularized in Hollywood by R&B singer Cassiewasn’t as shocking (or original) as she would have liked it to be… so she decided to glue some sparkling gold studs to her head.

Now that’s original.

One day before her birthday (Ke$ha turns 25 on March 1), the singer posted a photo of her new ‘do on Twitter, with a very short—and cryptic—caption:

“Is happening”

So what’s this all about? Is this new hairstyle an attempt to attract more people (she’s hoping to reach 3 million Twitter followers by her birthday) to follow her Twitter account?

Photo Via Ke$ha‘s Twitter

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