According to the latest celebrity news, LADY GAGA had a pretty normal celebration for her 26th birthday on the West Coast yesterday.

Lady Gaga seems to be enjoying her “normal” way of life lately, what with her normal clothes and her unusual media vow of silence, that even she decided to celebrate her birthday without lavish parties or a public bang. Unlike many celebs who would start having their fancy-shmancy party hours before midnight and stretch their celebrations until a whole week, Mother Monster simply started her celebration hours before by going on Twitter and uploading a photo of a rather sad-looking cake.

Lady Gaga Birthday Cake 26 BDay

She tweeted along with the caption:

“This is how it feels turning 26 in three and a half hours. Ha!”

And other than crowning herself with a rhinestone tiara earlier yesterday, Gaga had an exclusive spin class party at Soul Cycle with some of her friends.

A source told Us Weekly:

“She requested [Bruce Springsteen's] ‘Thunder Road’ because it’s one of her favorite songs. Her friends filled the studio, and they had a blast.”

Shockingly, Gaga even opted to stay in with her parents for her birthday dinner instead of painting the town red with multi-colored glitters as we sort of expected she would.

The source shared:

“It was just a small thing with her family. Her mother cooked.”

Although it may just have been a simple case of a superstar wishing to have a relaxing day after being in and out of rehearsals for her “Born This Way” tour, as one of Gaga‘s female friends reveals:

“She’s been ridiculously busy, and has been working herself very, very hard. But everyone had the most amazing time [yesterday]!”

Sounds a little too quiet for a celebrity, but this is tres better than the usual Vegas celebrity party!

Photos Via Lady Gaga‘s Twitter

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