Celebrity news tells us that LIL WAYNE just got fined recently for growing too much grass and weed…

…in his unkempt yard, that is!

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Rapper Lil Wayne was revealed to have let his lawn have a life of its own by leaving his grass and weed to grow wildly in his Louisiana home, enough to annoy his neighbors… so he was fined for it. Like he needed to lose more money! But the “Bedrock” claims that no longer lives in his former home—which is listed for $1.7 million.

What a reason to be cited for, huh?

Even if it had five bedrooms, five bathrooms and two half baths, a movie theater, and a spacious lawn, how would anyone buy his home if he didn’t care enough to maintain the yard?

Good luck with that sale, Lil Wayne! If it ever happens.

Photo By PR Photos

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