Entertainment news tells us that LINDSAY LOHAN is actually getting praise for her much criticized performance on “Saturday Night Live”—and from some of the show’s stars, no less!

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At first we thought Lohan, who made her first step towards a career comeback by hosting “Saturday Night Live” last weekend, was the only one who was proud of her performance. Many criticized LiLo due to her obvious dependence on the cue cards, as well as her bloated look, which has been attributed to an alleged plastic surgery addiction.

But, as it turns out, some of the long-standing comedy show’s cast members were proud of her, too!

“SNL” mainstay Taran Killam said one day after the show:

“She was fantastic and really a good sport.”

Killam also revealed that Lindsay, who was reportedly up for anything, even encouraged them to make fun of her and her troubled past. He added:

“She let us go there, and we tried to handle it as gently as possible… She was the one who was, like, ‘Go to town!’ She really wants to turn it around, and she was great. I was surprised. She was a real trooper.”

Another cast member, Bobby Moynihan, said that he was pleasantly surprised after seeing Lindsay improvising during rehearsals. He explained:

“She started throwing stuff in… It was a hip-hop morning-show sketch, and at one point, she just took the microphone and said, ‘Preach!’ I was, like, ‘What? Go Lindsay!’ “

Moynihan continued:

“She really wanted to do a good job, and I think she did it … She was super nice, very calm and normal.”

What did you think of Lindsay’s “SNL” performance?

Photo Via NBC / Mary Ellen Matthews

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