NICKI MINAJ is showing major cleavage on the April 2012 cover of Allure magazine.

Check it out:

nicki minaj allure april2012

Nicki Minaj would be practically unrecognizable without all the crazy outfits and colorful wigs… and her photo shoot for Allure’s April issue was no exception.

The “Fly” rapper, who sports a frothy, bubblegum pink wig, an elaborate white bra, a fluffy pink skirt, and purple gloves on the cover of the mag, explains why she loves to wear crazy, elaborately styled wigs:

“Hair allowed you to reinvent yourself, which was perhaps particularly critical to a little girl with big dreams and a troubled reality.”

Minaj recalls:

“I had done something [to my hair that] I thought was really, really, really cute, and I showed my neighbor. She was like, ‘Why’d you do that to your hair?’ And I never forget what I said: ‘I’m someone new in this hair.’ “

And it seems Nicki, who has a few alter egos—including “Harajuku Barbie” and the more popular “Roman Zolanski”—really likes being someone new all the time, because she’s rarely ever seen without her wigs. In fact, she wears them so much, it’s almost impossible to remember what her real hair looks like.

nicki minaj allure april2012 2

Nicki shares:

“I was doing every- and anything to it—putting in wads of gel and brushing it to the next century, and just thinking I was so cute… I always thought I had an eye for that stuff.”

She certainly does, doesn’t she? But it’s probably safe to say that not everyone can agree with Nicki’s eccentric taste in hairstyles…

Do you think Nicki looks better with the wigs on, or should cool it with the crazy hair?

Photos Via Allure

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