The pregnant JESSICA SIMPSON‘s naked Elle Magazine April 2012 cover has been censored at a grocery store in Arizona for being offensive, according to recent celebrity news.


Not everyone seems to be happy to see the pregnant Jessica Simpson in all her naked glory on the cover of Elle Magazine’s April 2012 issue because a Safeway supermarket in Tucson, Arizona has censored the magazine. While still on magazine stands and currently for sale, the attention-grabbing cover that showcased a ready-to-burst Simpson was covered by pieces of cardboard or just flipped over, after the store manager received “multiple complaints” about the offensive image.

The Arizona Daily Star reports:

“A walk through the store Thursday afternoon didn’t reveal any bits of cardboard shrouding Simpson‘s image. But the nude image, tucked into magazine racks in the store’s checkstands [sic], still wasn’t easy to spot.”

Nancy Keane, a spokesperson for the supermarket, also said:

“Our managers are very quick to respond to our customers.”

However, the report also mentioned that another Safeway supermarket down the street had their own pregnant Simpson covers exposed. ┬áBut considering the popularity of Elle and its cover model for the upcoming month, we doubt that this will hurt their sales. At least some customers won’t have to keep their children’s eyes closed!

Photo Via Elle Magazine Website

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