Star news has revealed that RIHANNA‘s impending collaboration with KATY PERRY is indeed still on!

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Just because Rihanna and Katy Perry have not released a track together yet, after Rihanna spilled about them definitely wanting to work together back in 2010, it doesn’t mean that it’s not happening! At least that’s what Rihanna has revealed recently. The “We Found Love” artist has been wishing to have another collaboration since before she released two of her latest albums, and this time it was with the “California Girl.” who has shown interest in steering her music in a different direction.

Rihanna says before releasing her 2010 album “Loud”:

“We want to get in the studio and hopefully make something for this album ["Loud"], who knows – or maybe for her re-release. We want to do something together for sure.”

Although the two single girls are not confirmed to be working on their much-awaited track yet, Rihanna promises both their fan groups that it will be happening:

“The song will probably come out in a while. I won’t say that it’s happening right now, but it’s going to happen.”

But why Katy, you ask? Rihanna spills:

“We have been working on this for years. We still are trying to make a song together. She is one of my favorite musicians, as well as one of my favorite people in the industry.”

She adds:

[Katy is] very uncalculated, very sure of herself, and that’s something very rare in this industry to find.”

Well there you have it!

Who else can’t wait for the Rihanna and Katy musical fusion?

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