RIHANNA finally reveals why she’s always partly or completely naked lately, as shown in many celebrity gossip websites and it’s so she can feel more confident about her body.

Looks like the sexy pop singer’s admitting to some serious insecurities?

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Although Rihanna is one of today’s acclaimed sexiest celebrities, she apparently does not give herself the credit that she deserves in the beauty department! The “We Found Love” singer, who has slimmed down significantly and admits that she’d be more content if she had her famous behind back, reveals that the practice of shedding clothes and baring it all is the reason for her newfound confidence.

Rihanna said in her interview for Women’s Fitness Magazine’s May 2012 issue:

“The more I got naked, the more comfortable I felt. I just had to face my fear. You always find something wrong, you always find something you’re uncomfortable with, and one thing turns into another and you get embarrassed and self-conscious about it.”

Although she succeeded in facing that fear, it turned out to be quite a feat for the Barbadian singer. She narrates:

“After a while, it was like, ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’ I just started being a little more daring with it. It was just knowing my body … is what it is under clothes or outside of clothes.”

The singer knows her stripping down lately has been negatively affecting her image, but she just concludes:

“My way probably won’t work for most people.”

Good for you, Rihanna. But maybe you can leave the boob-baring clothes at home? Because you might as well pose naked if you’re opting to go braless under a revealing, sheer top…

Photo Via Women’s Fitness Website

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