Star news confirms that RYAN GOSLING and EVA MENDES definitely haveĀ not split.

Sorry, looks like these two hotties are not back in the market yet.

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Rumors arose over the weekend that the sought-after Ryan Gosling had been suffering a break up with his girlfriend Eva Mendes and had resorted to taking a secret trip to Cape Town where he was allegedly spotted having dinner with some blonde German model.

Well that was creative!

Sources close to the couple slammed the rumor and tells Us Weekly that Gosling and Mendes are “doing just fine” and they have only been in Bankok for Gosling’s filming for his new movie “Only God Forgives.” In fact, they were even photographed together in Bangkok last Thursday.

Nice try. But it looks like this couple is nowhere near breaking up yet as they still seem to be very much in love with each other that they aren’t afraid to show it to the public.

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