Star news says WHITNEY HOUSTON‘s will, which includes several of her relatives, does not include her brother, GARY HOUSTON.

Oh, man. That’s got to hurt!

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Previous reports have gone into detail about the inclusion of the late singer Whitney Houston‘s will, stating her only daughter Bobbi Kristina as sole primary beneficiary and several other relatives and ex-husband Bobby Brown as the secondary beneficiaries, in case Bobbi Kristina had left the picture before she turns 30 when the probate will have been completed. However, her will seemed to miss out on another important relative, her brother Gary Houston!

He didn’t seem to be bothered at all, however.

Gary tells TMZ:

“I dont concern myself with any of that [will stuff] … All I know is my sister’s gone.”

We bet it stung a little bit. But knowing just how close the two were, Whitney probably just wanted to keep her brother out of what might be a big gold-digging scandal if Bobbi Kristina did leave the picture and the relatives involved had to fight each other to their deaths over her possessions.

What do you think?

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