WILL.I.AM‘s SIMON COWELL slam made star news recently, stating that Cowell let his musical acts on “X Factor” down.

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Will.I.Am thinks that “X Factor” judge Simon Cowell had let down his musical acts, namely Cher Lloyd.┬áThe newest judge on the UK version of “The Voice” was clearly disappointed that his favorite artist, who came in fourth place on the show in 2010, had not reached her full potential… and blames it on the former “American Idol” judge for his lack of commitment to his acts. We’re guessing Will.I.Am would like to see Cowell have the same amount of commitment and passion that he obviously has for getting celebrity judges?

The “Black Eyed Peas” member said:

“I love Cher Lloyd. She should have been the biggest star in the world. She should have had the coolest freaking music. It’s like they put them out, juice them, juice them, juice them, and give people something to watch on TV. Then, who is making sure she has the right material? That is wrong.”

Considering that he’s given quite the same responsibilities as a judge on “The Voice,” Will.I.Am seems to have everything planned for him and his team in order to not making the same mistake Cowell did:

“I told every person on my team that I am going to try my hardest to see their career is jumpstarted or revitalized regardless of whether they win or not.”

With Lloyd‘s album coming out next month, we wouldn’t quite say that she has it that bad without Simon‘s full guidance. However, isn’t it nice to hear about Will.I.Am‘s commitment to someone else’s musical development?

Tell us, do you agree with Will.I.Am‘s opinions about Simon?

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