ZAC EFRON has admitted to dropping a condom on the red carpet during an interview on “The Today Show.”

So yes, it really was a condom.

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As previously reported by Hollywood celebrity gossip, Zac made quite an embarrassing mistake at the red carpet premiere of his new animated film, “The Lorax”—he accidentally dropped a condom from his pocket!

If it was the premiere of any of his other movies, it wouldn’t have been so bad… but this was a kiddie flick, and there were kids everywhere!

Nonetheless, instead of lying about it (like other celebrities would have done) and saying that it was a pack of gum or something, Zac told the truth and

Matt Lauer brought up the subject during Zac’s “Today Show” interview:

“There’s something that also brought a lot of attention to the movie, Zac, at the premiere. Do you want to take me through it?”

An obviously embarrassed Zac replied:

“I don’t want it take you through it, but I never had a pocket-checking policy prior to going onto the red carpet before… but now we fully instated one!

But despite Zac’s refusal to talk about it, Lauer plowed on and even made sure to clarify that it really was a condom:

“You dropped a condom on the red carpet?”

With a blush and an uncomfortable smile, Zac admitted:


He then joked:

“It’s a great message!”

It actually is, isn’t it? Although we doubt the parents of the children who may have seen the condom incident at the premiere would agree…

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