STEVE WOZNIAK has acknowledged ASHTON KUTCHER who will be playing the lead as his friend and Apple co-founder STEVE JOBS in a biopic.

Pressure is on, Ashton!

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After star news reported that Ashton Kutcher has been chosen to play the late Steve Jobs in a biopic that traces the late Apple innovator’s rise to success, Apple co-founder and employee Steve Wozniak decided to give in a good word for the actor who will hopefully be giving justice to his late friend.

In the upcoming indie movie titled “Jobs” that will start filming in May, Wozniak says he’s “glad that he’s [Ashton] on board” despite negative reactions of many to the selection of the celebrity prankster for the lead part.

Wozniak told TMZ:

“The fear that many might have is that Ashton was selected because he’s ‘hot’ right now. But I feel that his selection was done in the most professional manner.”

He added:

“I think he’ll put a lot into it and that he cares about this particular subject.”

Wozniak still feels bad about his namesake’s passing, however, as he notes:

“It’s almost too bad that Steve Jobs is gone. His opinions and guidance, as to the story and film crew and cast would have been invaluable.”

Do you agree with Steve Wozniak? Will Ashton do a fairly good job as Jobs?

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