BOBBI KRISTINA BROWN is adamant that she is the only person who can play the role of WHITNEY HOUSTON in any biopic, star news has learned.

Would blood be thicker than water in this case?

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Reports of a Whitney Houston biopic may have been squashed by her rep but it doesn’t stop people—and obvious hopefuls like Rihanna and her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown—from picturing the perfect film biography for the late singer. Rihanna was initially speculated to be the best candidate, given their similarities in their profession and history of domestic violence, but Bobbi Kristina insists that only she can do her mother justice because she knows her better.

There is no doubt that Krissy has talent and is passionate enough to take after her mother, but with no real background in singing and acting, we worry that her knowledge and obvious connection to Whitney may not be enough.

If the biopic creation ever becomes a reality and she doesn’t get picked to play the role, maybe she can consider contributing her important insights to at least add a little more credibility to her mother’s film?

What do you think?

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