Star news reports that judges JENNIFER LOPEZRANDY JACKSON and STEVE TYLER rushed to the stage to save JESSICA SANCHEZ from being eliminated on “American Idol” tonight.

How lucky!

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Jennifer Sanchez was the least favored singer on “American Idol” on Thursday’s elimination… at least she was, before the show’s judge Jennifer Lopez stormed on stage with Randy Jackson and Steve Tyler in tow to save the wannabe singer.

The three judges were utterly shocked and disappointed as soon as Sanchez was announced to be on the bottom three in the demanding competition, so they decided to use their one-time-per-season “save card” to rescue Jessica from being booted out.

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Sanchez had just started singing her “last” song when Lopez grabbed the mic from her, exclaiming:

“Gimme that mic! This is crazy! You ain’t going home! Go sit down, go sit down!”

Jackson explained to the crowd:

“We are saving Jessica without any doubt. Lemme just say this for myself, Steve and Jennifer, this girl is one of the best singers in America… ever! Are you kidding me? Please, everybody. Please vote for the best. It’s about finding the best. I mean, come on!”

They call over Sanchez to join them and host Ryan Seacrest asked if she was surprised to be on the bottom three, to which she humbly replied:

“No, I mean, I don’t expect anything. I just do what I do and, you know, what happens happens. I just want people to know that I’ve worked hard my whole life.”

We love her… Why would America vote her out?

Watch the big moment right here:

Are you glad that the judges saved Jessica Sanchez?

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