Sounds like KATY PERRY is taking India by storm with Bollywood’s PRIYANKA CHOPRA, star news reports.

As usual, she had a great concert too!

katy perry priyanka chopra

Katy Perry is enjoying her time alongside former “Miss World” and Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra in India where we initially thought she was taking solace during her ongoing earthshaking divorce from Russell Brand.

As expected, the “Part Of Me” singer had performed and did her best to give her loyal Indian fans the show that they have been waiting to experience at the kick off Indian Premier League cricket games kick off last April 3.

Katy explained before her show:

“I know that everyone in India has waited for a very long time for me to come and perform professionally. I’ve enjoyed India on my own time personally, and now it’s time to give back to the fans. I’m really excited to be a part of something really big in India.”

Looks like she intended to stay in India a little longer too and not just for a show, as she added:

“I want to soak up all of the culture and beauty that is India, and learn about the country and its people. I’m really just looking forward to an incredible experience.”

Katy reportedly went with Chopra, who was her personal tour guide slash best friend, as she got spotted by paparazzi, went shopping, discovered rare India gems, went on a rickshaw ride in Chennai and had lunch in public.

Glad you’re having fun, Katy! We miss you already!

Photos Via Katy Perry‘s Twitter / Team Priyanka Chopra Twitter

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