Is KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST’s romance just one big publicity stunt?

Wouldn’t put it past Kim, that’s for sure.

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It did seem a bit too much of a coincidence that Kim’s rebound relationship with Kanye went public on the same day the rapper debuted his new song “Theraflu,” in which he professed his love for the curvaceous reality star.

A source tells

“[It’s] no coincidence they started the same night his new song dropped.”

The insider adds:

“Whether or not they are in a real relationship, it’s a publicity stunt to sell records on his part and more importantly for her, to divert people from talking about her divorce.”

A second source reveals:

“It’s so calculated and of course, Kim’s mother, Kris, is all behind it. Look at all the great PR they are getting. I must say they make a perfect couple. They both love the limelight and can’t get enough attention.”

The source continues:

“This is also a big f**k you to Kris Humphries. I kind of feel sorry for him because Kim is acting like never ever shed a tear for him. I don’t understand why the Kardashians think this is a good move for Kim. But believe me everything that family does [is] calculated.”

The first source adds:

“If anyone deserves each other, it’s these two. They both love publicity and material things.”

What do you think? Is this whole thing a PR stunt or what?

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