According to celebrity news, KRIS HUMPHRIES not only dated a 16-year-old fan with cancer, but he also plans to help raise money for her treatments.

How sweet of him!

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Kris Humphries has gone out of his way to change one teenage fan’s life as he invited 16-year-old cancer patient Kaely Kwitek to be his guest of honor at a Nets game last week. But it didn’t end there…

In addition to him bringing her to as many games as possible in the next season, the NBA player—who has previousy been coming off as a gold digger who’s after his his soon-to-be ex-wife Kim Kardashian‘s moneyis reportedly going to bigger lengths to support his very sick fan.

TMZ reported:

“Sources close to Kris told TMZ … after meeting Kaely following the Nets game on April 23, he is determined use his star power to help raise money for the 16-year-old, in order to help her family with the staggering financial costs.”

Now that quite differentiates him from other stars who have invited a fan as a date to a major event… And we have to admit, after this, Kris really does seem to be better off without Kim.

Do you agree?

Photos By PR Photos / TMZ

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