Entertainment news has learned that LINDSAY LOHAN is insured for her role as ELIZABETH TAYLOR in her biopic “Liz & Dick” in case she screws up.

Could we really blame them?

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Looks like it’s not only Rosie O’Donnell and a mass of critics who doubt Lindsay Lohan‘s ability to pull of filming and, ultimately, the role of Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor in her upcoming lifetime biopic “Liz & Dick,” as the film’s producer Larry Thompson confirms having back up plans for the troubled actress.

Maybe they have Megan Fox all ready to swoop in for the part at any time?

Larry told E! News:

“Well, we have more than a Plan B actually [because] Lindsay Lohan may be the most insured actress that ever walked on a soundstage.”

While many other actresses are normally insured for a role, Lindsay holds the highest price tag, thus resulting to a change of filming location (Canada to LA) to “minimize risk.”

In spite of the what ifs, the film producer has faith in Lindsay and commends her for taking on the controversial role:

“[Lindsay's] really excited by the challenge. She has a noble purpose; it’s not like she’s going to go do a little job—the responsibility of playing Elizabeth Taylor is large.”

He added:

“Now if I learn to regret it sitting here today I think it is still for the movie a great risk to run.”

Do you think Larry will ever regret putting Lindsay up for the role?

Photo Via Terry Richardson‘s Diary

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