LINDSAY LOHAN has finally sworn off clubbing… at The Standard Hotel, that is.

Well it’s a little too late for that now, is it?

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Lindsay Lohan has finally admitted that she and clubs just don’t mix, so she decides to never set foot in at least one of those infamous clubs.

According to star news, The Standard Hotel’s Smoke and Mirrors club—where the former hard-partying queen had allegedly shoved a woman and just a week after was attacked with a drink by yet another woman—is one place that LiLo will never be caught in anytime soon.

According to TMZ:

“[Lindsay's] on the hunt for a new hip place to spend her free time.”

The site also states:

“We’re told Lindsay is fully aware she’s now a big fat target … knowing full well there are people who want either quick publicity, some easy money or both — but she vows not to become a shut-in out of fear.”

You’d think she’d figure out that quitting clubbing altogether and just going back to being a homebody would be tres better. The actress didn’t change that much after all.

What happened to hitting the good old society parties filled with high-profile personalities who be too snobbish classy to get into fights with her?

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