Fortunately for Lindsay Lohan, people at the hotel where she was allegedly involved in a nightclub altercation are saying that she was never spotted there that night, making it seem like the actress had been set up.


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According to Hollywood news, the ball is now in the court of the woman who reported a dispute between her and Lindsay Lohan—who allegedly pushed and shoved her at The Standard Hotel in West Hollywood last week—because hotel employees are saying that they never even heard that the actress was there.

Their claim fits well with Lindsay‘s too, saying that she didn’t fight anyone especially since she stayed in and was watching TV that night, being the good girl that she is now.

According to TMZ:

“We have spoken with 6 people at the hotel — some of whom were working on the night in question — and none of them saw Lindsay that evening.  What’s more, none of them heard even a whisper that Lindsay was in the hotel, and none heard anything about an altercation.”

Unless the hotel is trying to cover their asses just to make it look like they’re not associated with the actress, looks like LiLo will be off the hook in no time.

Do you think LiLo was set up?

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