MILEY CYRUS skipped wearing underwear after a Pilates class and accidentally flashed her crotch at the paparazzi, according to the latest Hollywood news.

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We all know Miley hates wearing bras, as evidenced by the many photos of her—both the paparazzi shots and her own Twitter photos—that show her with her nipples clearly showing through the thin fabric of her clothes.

And now we know she hates panties, too.

Right after finishing up at her pilates class in West Hollywood on Friday, Miley, who was wearing a very short, skintight black dress, accidentally flashed her fuzz-free lady parts to the horde of photographers who were waiting for her outside as she was climbing into her car.

Doesn’t she realize that combining a short skirt, a naked crotch, and a swarm of photographers is a recipe for an upskirt moment?

Just ask Britney Spears.

Check out the NSFW photo here.

Photo By PR Photos

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