OCTOMOM won’t be loosing her 14 children because according to star news, she just got good reviews by impressing Child Services with her amazing parenting skills.

Can you believe it?

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After being complained to have been neglecting her 14 children and their home—and rumored to have been spending her welfare money on haircutsNadya “Octomom” Suleman was visited by The Orange County Department of Children and Family Services and according to her, they gave her a ”clean bill of health.”

Despite the horrific living conditions in her house, Octo told TMZ:

“[DCFS] said it’s a very suitable environment for these children.”

She added:

“They can’t even believe that I can do what I’ve been doing.”

Hmm. Can you?

How do you think Octo takes care of her 14 children by herself?

Photo By PR Photos

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