SCARLETT JOHANSSON‘s new wrist tattoo showed her love for New York by using the cliche “I ❤ NY” characters on it, star news has learned.

Check it out:

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Scarlett Johansson loves New York, so she decides to immortalize it by getting inked (again)—this time with an “I Heart NY” bracelet.

The actress, who plays The Black Widow in the highly anticipated Marvel Comics adaptation “The Avengers,” sported what initially seemed to be just a bracelet or a fake tat at the movie’s premiere in Hollywood two weeks ago and showcased it again during its London premiere last week.

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ScarJo has two other tattoos, a colorful tattoo sunset on her left arm and a letter “A” on her right ankle with interlocking circles, in addition to her new one.

Check out the close up here.

What do you think of ScarJo‘s new tat?

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