On Monday, ZAC EFRON competed with JIMMY KIMMEL in an unusual bra-removing contest.

Can you guess who won?

zac efron jimmy kimmel

Zac Efron is letting people know that he’s grown up and is no longer the same teen star from “High School Musical” by dropping hints (pun intended) on the red carpet, looking like he get a load of additional testosterone for his new movie “The Lucky One,” and implying indirectly that he has been with a lot of women.

For his latest stunt, the 24-year-old heartthrob came back on Jimmy Kimmel‘s show last Monday and engaged in a bra-removing contest.

The two waited for the starter pistol and started unhooking bras, with the help of Kimmel‘s side kick, the bra clad Guillermo, and a look-a-like, as their models.

Fast forward to 4:00 for the bra action!

How do you think Zac Efron fared?

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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