Star news has learned that ADELE does not want to be a celebrity—but everyone knows that being a famous singer makes you a celebrity by default.

So… what now?

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The Grammy winner is one the most celebrated musical artists in the world right now, which means she’s going to have to deal with intrusive media scrutiny… and that includes all kinds of speculation about her personal life, such as rumors about plastic surgery, a sex tape, and of course, her love life.

But she wants none of that.

In an interview on NBC with Matt Lauer, Adele admitted:

“I don’t want to be a celebrity… I don’t want to be in people’s faces.”

Adele then revealed how she manages to go incognito in public… she wears pajamas! The “Rumor Has It” songstress shared:

“I’ve managed to stay out of the public eye… The other day I walked through Trafalgar Square on a Sunday afternoon, a tourist haven. I was a bit worried . . . I was in my pajamas as well because I had been working the day before . . .[but] nobody recognized me. A couple of people looked round, but . . . like, ‘What would she be doing walking through Trafalgar Square in pajamas?’”

When asked if she hopes she’s still being talked about in ten years, the singer, who looked quite uncomfortable, answered:

“I just want to make music… I mean, I still hope I have a little bit of clout in ten years. But all I’ve ever wanted to do was sing.”

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