Celebrity news has learned that BRANDI GLANVILLE once had the urge to kill LEANN RIMES after she famously stole the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star’s husband, EDDIE CIBRIAN.

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LeAnn and Eddie’s scandalous extramarital affair may have happened years ago, but apparently Brandi Glanville still can’t stop talking it. And who can blame her? She is entitled to talk incessantly about the woman who caused her divorce and tried to steal her life, isn’t she?

In an interview with Australia’s NW HQ magazine, Brandi admitted that she once had the urge to kill LeAnn when they came face-to-face at her son’s soccer practice.

Brandi shared:

“I remember walking up to soccer practice and there she was with my baby in her lap… My blood was boiling, and I thought I was going to kill her. I really thought I was going to physically hurt her.

The reality star added:

“But that was the first time I saw her that way — she was sitting in my soccer chair, under my tent, she’s got my kid on her lap and she’s with my husband, and that was that little moment of total irrational fury.”

Luckily, Brandi’s urge to commit murder eventually disappeared—over time. She said:

“We’re never going to be best friends, but she’s good to my kids, they love her and that’s all I could ask for… If they didn’t like her, I’d be in court right now, fighting. It’s not about me — it’s about them.”

One thing Glanville is happy about is the fact that her ex and his country singer wife didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement when they tied the knot last year. Why? Because it means that her children will be taken care of financially—whether or not LeAnn and Eddie‘s marriage lasts.

Brandi said:

“Thank God! My kids’ futures will be taken care of…”

What do you think of Brandi‘s confession?

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