BRITNEY SPEARS wants everyone to know that she didn’t storm off the set of “X Factor” in the middle of the auditions because a hopeful didn’t do her song “Hold It Against Me” justice on stage.



Britney and her co-judge Demi Lovato have just started judging on “X Factor” last Thursday and halfway through the auditions, Hollywood gossip has already tried to stir some rumors against one of them.

TMZ claimed that Britney angrily walked off the set to take a “short break” right after someone used her hit “Hold It Against Me” during the audition and “butchered” it.

Britney rushed to deny the report on her Twitter:

“#Britneywalksoff??? LOL was just taking a little break people.”

She added:

“I am having the BEST time!!!”

Still, reports say that she was on her “little break” while four more contestants auditioned for the remaining three judges who were left on the set.

Maybe nature called?

Why do you think Britney was up to?

Photo Via The X Factor USA Twitter

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