PARIS HILTON wore a multi-colored pleated dress at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival last Thursday.

Hot or not?

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Paris, who has only started going under the limelight again since the Cannes Film Festival started, was spotted leaving the Majestic in Cannes last Thursday in a chic designer cocktail dress that featured a white v-neck top with thick black hem lining, black spaghetti straps and a colorful pleated knee-length skirt.

The party-loving hotel heiress turned pro house DJ paired her outfit with black Christian Louboutins and a matching blank handbag and accessorized with a thin black belt over her dress’ thick black waistband, huge diamond earrings and her big signature shades.

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Beauty-wise, Paris didn’t do anything different—she went with light smoky eyes, baby pink blush and glossy nude pink lipstick.

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Thank goodness for looks like these that make Paris look a little more conservative and elegant.


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