Entertainment news has learned that DENISE RICHARDS will be playing ex-hubby CHARLIE SHEEN’s love interest in his new show, “Anger Management.”

Hmm… that doesn’t sound awkward at all.

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Now that they’re done with all the bashing and the child custody battles, Denise and Charlie have actually moved on to becoming… well, for a lack of a better word, friends. Surprising, but definitely a welcome change of pace, considering the ex-couple’s explosively volatile relationship during and after their marriage—which Denise described in her memoir as a “beautiful love story.”

Thanks to the newfound friendship, Denise will reportedly be working on the former “Two and a Half Men” star’s brand new TV show “Anger Management”—as his lover.

Richards tells Extra:

Charlie came to me and asked me to do an episode on the show. I saw a sneak peek of the first episode and it’s really funny. I did a table read last week. I play a love interest to my ex husband.”

Weird. But hey, whatever works for them…

As for how Sheen is doing, Denise reveals:

“He’s in a really good place. Everything is good. He’s been very focused on our children and on his job.”

Good for you, Charlie.

What can you say about Charlie and Denise playing lovers on TV?

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