Celebrity news reports that JESSICA SIMPSON is now the new spokesperson for “Weight Watchers” and has reportedly bagged $4 million for the gig.

Believe it!

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Jessica may have just found the perfect, most rewarding way of losing weight after agreeing to become part of “Weight Watchers” as their newest endorser, following Jennifer Hudson.

After getting too big (65-75 pounds!) during her recent pregnancy, which finally came to a close when she gave birth to her baby girl, Maxwell Drew, even she knows that she is in dire need of a weight loss program.

And what better weight loss program than what “Weight Watchers” offers? They were nice enough to take notice of Jess‘ need too, as the company said in a statement:

“We’re thrilled that Jessica Simpson has chosen to join Weight Watchers to adopt a healthier lifestyle and inspire others to do the same.”

They added:

“From the point when we started speaking with Jessica before she became pregnant, to now when she’s had baby Maxwell, Jessica has made clear her commitment to establishing a healthier lifestyle for herself and her family.”

Of course Jess couldn’t keep her excitement, as she tweeted:

“So excited to be a part of the @WeightWatchers family!”

Are you happy for Jessica?

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