JOHNNY DEPP has finally slammed the rumors that he had split with VANESSA PARADIS, his girlfriend and partner of 14 years.

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It’s been months since Hollywood news first reported about a rumored split between Depp and Paradis, but the “Dark Shadows” star has kept his silence about the breakup speculation… until now.

Johnny, who looked very lonely without Vanessa on his arm at the premiere of “Dark Shadows” in London, told the Sun:

“The rumours are not true. They are absolutely not true.”

He added:

“No matter what I say about this, people believe the opposite… I can’t say enough about it not being over.”

If that is the case, then we wonder why the couple hasn’t shared a red carpet in a while… because them going stag to their movie premieres is what started these rumors in the first place! But then again, that doesn’t have to mean that they split up. Maybe they fired their nanny and one of them has to stay with the kids?

Doesn’t seem plausible, but if you guys have any better ideas, let us know.

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