According to celebrity news, the JUSTIN BIEBER & “Joustin Beaver” court battle may be dismissed over a teensy technicality…. and it has a lot to do with geography.

And we thought that was over.

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You may remember, the Biebs is itching to be done with the “Joustin Beaver” app that “seemed” to infringe upon his likeness (if the name doesn’t ring a bell, check out the hair). And after suing and being sued for trying to take it down it was clearly a parody—an exception that unfortunately makes the gaming app protected by the Constitution—the pop star finds that the creator, RC3, filed his counter case against Bieber in Florida.

The problem? TMZ reports:

“According to court docs filed this week, Bieber is looking to have the suit tossed on a technicality – claiming RC3 screwed up when they filed their suit in Florida, since he doesn’t even live there.”


Shouldn’t be a problem should RC3 want to keep his 5-star app on iTunes… he could just file it in Atlanta, where the Justin currently lives.

Now get it over with already!

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