According to the latest Hollywood gossip, JUSTIN BIEBER surprised a fan at her own prom! Although he didn’t show up at the venue in person, he did invite her to the Billboard Awards—with a personalized video message.

Lucky girl!

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Do we smell another war from jealous Biebettes?

Justin wasn’t able to make Cady Eimer‘s wish come true, but in a video message that he sent where he apologized for being unable to make it to her prom in Virginia, he invited her and her sister to go to the Billboard Awards with him, which took place in Vegas last Sunday.

Not a bad compensation for the Belieber who has been campaigning for the teen pop star to become her prom date since February last year…

Check out Bieber‘s video apology and invite, followed by Cady‘s reaction to his message!

Admit it. That was pretty swoon-worthy!

Photos Via Video Screen Grab

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