KIM KARDASHAIN‘s step-father BRUCE JENNER has not met her boyfriend KANYE WEST yet. Could she be keeping them away from each other or she simply hasn’t found the right time to introduce them to each other?

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Star news have been talking how Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been going strong amid nasty rumors about how their relationship seemed orchestrated, especially after the rapper has already met the reality star’s infamous Kardashian family–except to her step-father Bruce Jenner, that is.

We couldn’t blame her or Kanye if they had been trying to stay away from the Kardashian daddy… After all, he did say that he wasn’t so “excited” about their relationship.

He admitted on “The View” last Friday when asked about his most famous daughter’s new love:

“Honestly, I’ve never met [Kanye]. I haven’t seen him at the house.”

Of course he wouldn’t, as Kim‘s the one who had been spending the night over at Kanye‘s place in New York!

But regardless of his feelings about their relationship and the fact that he had been the last family member who has not met Kanye, he added:

“I just want Kim to be happy. I hope she can find someone and be happy. That’s what you want your kids to do.”

Isn’t it sweet that he doesn’t even want to just lock her daughter in the house and keep herself out of the mean tabloids?

Why do you think Kim has not introduced Bruce to Kanye yet?

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