Celebrity gossip websites were shocked to see LINDSAY LOHAN’s latest makeup mishap… outrageously dark brows!

Is she trying to pull a BROOKE SHIELDS or something?

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The troubled actress, who managed to look decent—even classy, actually—at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner last month, was way off her game when she appeared on the red carpet at an event sponsored by the A&E channel at New York’s Lincoln Center with unsightly makeup and eyebrows to rival those of Lily Collins (but to be fair, Lily does pull hers off quite well).

It’s not as bad as her decaying teeth incident last October or her zombie makeup moment at the courthouse, but it’s definitely still bad.

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Lohan, who was clad in a black and gold lace dress, appeared to have applied her makeup without looking in a mirror.

First, as we’ve already mentioned, her eyebrows were too thick and dark—they totally did not go with her hair or the rest of her face; second, her foundation appeared blotchy and uneven, looking too light in some places and dark in others; and third, her lipstick shade clashed with everything.

It’s either Lindsay needs to fire her makeup artist, or he/she left the actress to do it all by herself… in the dark.

What can you say about Lindsay‘s crazy makeup look?

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