SACHA BARON COHEN’s film character “The Dictator” bullied MATT LAUER on the “Today Show” Monday.

Poor guy!

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Sacha Cohen—who previously victimized Ryan Seacrest on the Academy Awards red carpet by dumping ashes on his Burberry suit—transformed into his character Admiral General Aladeen from “The Dictator” once again and tortured host Matt Lauer during an interview with him on the “Today Show.”

As usual, Aladeen spoke of mass murder and assassination, but he also joked about holding Lauer‘s wife hostage, announced that the Lauer is having an affair with Ann Curry and even suggested that Seacrest tried to steal Lauer’s job.

Clearly, Sacha loves to make fun of people and it’s no wonder that many are not pleased with him…

Check out the interview:

Do you think Cohen was funny or was he only trying hard to be?

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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