Former Disney starlet SELENA GOMEZ has revealed that she had to learn to smoke for her upcoming film “Spring Breakers.”

Selena Gomez puffing on a cigarette? We just can’t picture it.

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Unlike fellow Disney actresses Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus, who both made Hollywood news headlines in the past for smoking cigarettes and doing illegal drugs, Selena has managed to maintain her squeaky clean image by staying miles away from all kinds of vices… until now.

The actress recently picked up smoking, but not as a vice—or at least, we hope it doesn’t come to that. She actually had to do it for her role in “Spring Breakers,” which is set to hit theaters later this year. Gomez tells Interview magazine:

“I’d never smoked a cigarette before in my entire life. It was really funny—they had to show me how to do it.”

As to why she agreed to do a role that’s so different from her usual good girl roles, Selena admits:

“I was getting kind of repetitive in terms of the roles I was picking, and I really wanted to do something that was completely different… It was a mark thing for me—like, ‘This is what I want to be doing.’ I want to be taking myself seriously as an actress, and this was definitely a stretch.”

Well, that makes sense. We just hope we don’t catch Selena with a pack of cigarettes in her purse anytime soon!

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