TANNING MOM tells star news that she would actually love to pose for Playboy…

…and here she is, already striking a pose for them with a friend!

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The extremely tan Patricia Krentcil is probably less guilty for being infamous for allegedly sneaking her kid into the tanning salon with her, because doors are reportedly opening up for her in Hollywood MTV the reality TV biz… and she hopes Playboy is next.

When asked by a pap whether or not she’s getting her own reality shows, Tanning Mom proudly confirmed:

“There’s a couple of people that want me.”

And if Playboy ever asks for her, would she pose for them? She gave a simple “of course” before striking her “Playboy pose.”

Oh my.

Careful, Octomom… Looks like you’re in danger of having some serious competition not only in the Mom of the Year category but in who is going to be more successful in baring it all!

Would you want to see more of Tanning Mom on TV and Playboy?

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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